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Re: Exploring a darker theme in a future star trek series

I would have to agree. On the whole, the characters in TNG (for example) do seem to get on quite well however. There just dosn't seem to be any real "stupid' people in Star Trek as everyone appears to be on the same page. However, that's most likely caused be the writers trying to get to the crux of the story. Any one being "individual" would just slow down an otherwise pretty good plot. I've often wondered though how I would go in such an era. I really don't think I'd fit into a society where everyone seems to have their correct place in the overall scheme of things.

On the subject of moral dilemmas, there are plenty and I suppose these are designed to explore how such dilemmas could be overcome. Time and again I often feel that Kirk and to some extent Picard can often be a bit too "human" and that that attribute is far too often overlaid upon an otherwise alien civilisation. Episodes abound where "our rules" and "morals" are almost forced upon an alien culture that otherwise would have a completely differing set of social moral attitudes.

Dr.Crusher can be rather annoying with regards this, as can Captain Picard. In the series we are the ones who always seem to have the right answers, the right way of looking at....., well, anything. It would be nice for an alien culture to (just once) show us the apparent error of our ways rather than the other way around.

I guess it's just the frame of reference we have. That is we just inherently think we as a species will always have it all figured out correctly.
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