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Plagues of Night and Raise the Dawn conclusion of the first TP arc

Hi all,

In the RtD review thread, I had posted my thoughts on the subject matter, and would like to hear your thoughts on this.

After reading RtD, it seems to me that the recent duology is a perfect endpoint to the extended arc since A Singular Destiny, as it handles these issues / themes:
  1. The re-alignment of DS9 into the current 24th century TrekLit timeframe
    combining character arcs from previous TP novels - including Shar (Paths of Disharmony) and Nog (the non-TP Indistinguishable from Magic), Odo, Kira, Bashir (Zero Sum Game), Vaughn and of course Sisko - along with previous DS9R subplots like the Andorian reproductive situation, dealing with S31 etc.

  2. Rise of the TP and the UFP confrontation with TP re: Slipstream
    one of the main story engines for this duology, stretching from ZSG (Slipstream) and even from ASD.

  3. Continuing the post-Nemesis Romulan political angle -
    From ASD (with the food riots and continuing the RSE / IRS divide, to RBoE and the recent duology, not to mention connecting the dots from ZSG using Tomalak and Sela (with the latter even participating in the semi-standaline IfM) this is a main focus of the arc, though becoming apparent after RtD.

  4. Overall "Big Picture" of the post-Destiny TrekLit
    IMO, ASD was used to split the current 24th century TrekLit into 3 main branches: one focusing on Voyager and the Full Circle mission / fleet, one on Titan (StF was very much a Titan novel IMO, and less a TP one), and the third (or actually the "first") focusing on the Alpha Quadrant using the TNG cast (notice the flow from Losing the Peace, through Paths of Disharmony and The Struggle Within, to the recent duology), Aventine crew, Bacco administration and the (now-"reunited") DS9 cast.

To sum it all IMO, when looking at the novels mentioned in this post, these threads seem intertwined and form a multi-plot, multi-threaded arc one which has made me re-appreciate the previous TP novels much more than when I had first read them.

Here's hoping Brinkmanship provide a nice beginning into another TP / TNG-era arc (perhaps leading into David Mack's Cold Equations trilogy?)

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