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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Snyder states he hopes to explore Joker's psychology and using various themes. He also states that he coordinated with Tony Daniel on the character's appearance in "Detective Comics #1". He also explains why Joker has been gone for so long, and that tie-ins similar to the Night of Owls are planned for "Death of the Family". It'll be five parts spanning from "Batman #13-17". Still trying to figure out the "game changer" part that Rich has been talking about is.
Daniel apparently left the book because he didn't want to do more Joker stories. His plans were more Batman and Gordon stories according to someone who talked to him at a comic convention.

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And I'm deeply disappointed that nobody saw the opportunity to bring Cassandra Cain back as a Talon.
There's some speculation that the Talon in Batgirl Annual #1 is Cass, but it's not based on anything solid, just on the way the Talon on the cover looks.
Gail Simone would be roasted alive by her fans if she did that.
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