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Re: The Official Welcome Thread

I joined this community because I am an avid Star Trek fan and I am also a purist. I really hate it when I see some glaring anomaly within a Star Trek movie or series. For instance:

Given the Prime Directive, why does Picard constantly put Riker in charge of showing around young attractive female aliens when we all know he's going to sleep with them eventually. Given that, half the galaxy will eventually be related to him in one form or another.

Dr.Crusher is just over the top sometimes with her "do no harm" rule. When presented with a Borg specimen and a means of wiping out the Collective once and for always, her response is to get all warm and fussy with regards can we wipe out an entire race. Eventually she convinces the captain who orders the "captive" to be let go. In reality, once the Enterprise had docked at the nearest Starbase the entire command crew and the doctor herself would have been arrested on treason given the opportunity now missed.

And what's with the Borg anyway? They assimilate millions and millions of people and beings, yet when they assimilate Picard the whole collective is profoundly effected as if his will is somehow stronger than theirs. The collective was a fine idea when it was just a "Collective", however, once the writers of the series began giving them more human qualities such as leadership, individuality, etc, they just became another species and really lost something of their menace.

Anyway, I figured I could discuss some of these issues here, and just get it all out of my sub-routines.

End of message.
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