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Re: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter produced by Tim Burton in the work

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Very serious he and Grant were war criminals who butchered and burnt civilian areas in the name of liberty, what a joke, plus Lincoln was a tyrant who suspended habeas corpus.

This threads over.
Oh, it's only just begun!

And strangely enough, I can't actually find anything in that statement to object to. By the end of the war, the philosophy was total warfare and none too merciful. Lincoln did suspend habeas corpus.

But at least none of them were vampires.

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I will never understand why so many Americans have this blind desire to love Lincoln even in the information age.
Cuz he was way better than the delusional and racist Confederacy? Just a guess.
Glad you can be honest about Lincoln, slavery would have died off sooner then people think regardless, the industrial revolution combined with european attitudes (aka trading partners) would of doomed slavery faster then people seem to think.
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