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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Space war is cool by me! I'm sure I've said several times that I think Starz needs to do a space based series of some kind, with their inimitable sex/violence/insanity style. Spartacus in space, bring it on!

And I love that they're avoiding Trek's dreaded Planet of the Week approach, though since all space opera will be on cable from now on, I don't expect that to rear its ugly head ever again. Cable dramas are almost all serialized.

I also hope RHW's Defender is greenlit, with a far more conservative and wholesome style. We should have many space opera series to choose from, that run the gamut.

I'd prefer that JMS was doing the space opera, not the vampire series, but either way, I'll check out both. PS, JMS has launched a multiplatform studio for movies, TV and graphic novels/comics.
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