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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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The stupidest booing is when a pitcher throws over to first base, followed by the intentional walk.
Yeah, I never could understand why that gets booed. Seems that every damn time a pitcher does a pickoff move, they boo! Why the hell do's an accepted move. People should get over it.
It's generally because a pickoff attempt is successful very, very infrequently, and all it does is slow down the at-bat. One or two attempts, sure, but when you get to Steve Trachsel levels of bringing the game to a grinding halt, you're damned right I'm going to boo and expect the pitcher to sack up and deliver the pitch.
I also thought it had to do with discouraging the pitcher from doing that so as to increase the chance of the player stealing

Although I do think intentional walks should be automatic. Just inform the umpire and let him take first.
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