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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Avengers Assemble 5-- It took a couple of issues for this book to start rolling, but now that it has, it has become one of my most anticpated purchases. This issue was mostly character stuff, but it sets the wheels in motion for some nice cosmic action next issue. This is my first real exposure to this incarnation of the Guardians and they seem like a likeable bunch. It would be up to the fans of the DnA run to say if the characterizations were "on" or not, but I liked them.

Captain America 14-- The finale of the "Shock to the System" arc was a good read. This arc was the best Brubaker has written since the book re-booted.

The next arc, "New World Orders" (co-written with Bru by Cullen Bunn), is supposed to wrap all of Bru's hanging plot threads concerning Bravo and the New Hydra followed by a done-in-one that will tie a bow on Bru's run before the books "cancellation".

New Mutants 45- It was an interesting twist making the mysterious threat from the future not one, but two Doug Ramseys. Ever since they brought him back, they have gone to mostly successful lengths to make Doug less lame and more of an asset to a team. However, showing that one day he could be a legitimate threat was a twist that I didn't see coming. I'm in for at least one more issue, but as the book is ending with #50 anyway, I might just hang around till the end.

Defenders 8-- Defenders continues to entertain. I haven't been a huge fan of Matt Fraction in the past, but this book has largely been gold. I think this issue made it pretty clear that Felicia will be around for a while rather than just as a guest star, which I'm totally cool with. I do hope that we start to get a few answers about the Concordance Engines and the role they play in the universe at large soon.
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