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Re: RIZZOLI & ISLES tv series and book series disscusions and comment

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The nun stuff confuses me. Why is she there? What's the point of her character?
Nuns, Catholic Boston, "I never met a cliche I didn't love" attitude from the writers? At least we have a hint that the Nun is in the homicide dept due to her recent history, and not just because she was bored back at the convent after she retired. Still, the silly stuff with Frankie & Frost just makes me cringe.

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I love, love, LOVE the Maura/Hope story line. It's a little rushed, I think, but it's just so well done. I honestly think Maura is getting the much better stories this season than Jane, and I'm okay with that.
The writers are hampered (blessed?) by the abbreviated seasons on TNT. Fewer eps = Must move storyline along faster than network TV.

I'm liking the storyline too, but I have a few questions. Why the heck did Mama Hope EVER tell her teenaged daughter about Paddy Doyle? Why admit that "evil man" fathered a child with her, much less that the child died?

Since Hope obviously did spill the beans, I'm glad the teen was at least curious enough about Paddy (or Maura???) that she searched the internet, found the connection, and figured out Maura was the long lost sister the teen would NEVER measure up against.

I also liked that the kid GUESSED and faked Maura into admitting she was the mysterious kidney donor AND that she refused the kidney. OF COURSE the long lost sister that Kayleen (?) would NEVER measure up against would try to be a superhero and save the uncertain Teen... that would just make Maura even more saintly in Hope's eyes. I like the idea that the kid would resent Maura so much that she'd refuse to have a part of Maura within her body for the rest of her life. (it may sound incredibly short sighted, but at least the kid has integrity in her misery.)

What surprised me (pleasantly?) was Hope's attempt to show Kayleen in a very visceral way that in a tug of war between the two, Hope would take Kayleen's side.

I don't know what upset Hope the most. Finding out Maura was her long dead daughter, or LOSING Maura as a friend/confidant in lonely Boston.

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Next week is when Jane gets kidnapped by a stalker, so no closet scene. We do have a lot of subtext, though.
I think that spoiler about discussing leather in a closet full of it was half wrong. Maura gave us the lecture, but there was nary a closet in sight.

I did like the Jane/Maura interactions this week, especially finding Jane has planted INSTANT coffee in Maura's gourmand kitchen.

Now... just one question about Angela this week. Just WHO do you think she was dressing up for at work? Maybe a certain Homicide Captain?
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