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Re: Currently working through the missing episode audios...

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Oh, and Dodo didn't get a mention [in "Death of the Doctor"] either (unless she's the Dorothy running the ACE foundation, by some bizarre coincidence, because the DWM comics are right about Ace being dead. Though it could be that the book You Killed Kennedy's right and Dodo's dead).
I'll bet Dodo just sent Sarah Jane a note saying that she wasn't coming.

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Exactly. There's a good dozen episodes that seem to have survived by what Richard Molesworth calls '"Why's this in my office? Oh well, it's a film print, better send it to the film library" route.
Where's Ian Levene when you need him?
Pestering Eric Saward about nitpicky continuity errors in "Warriors of the Deep."

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It got better. The first few episodes suffered from the same curse that The Keys of Marinus and The Chase had, namely the story suffered from not being locked down to a single location.
I'm not sure that that's a detriment to those stories. After all, I've encountered stories that got really boring because they were confined to a single location for the entire 6-parter (*cough*"Planet of the Daleks"*cough*). The problem with "The Chase" isn't its multiple locations. It's that almost every single one of those locations is rediculous!

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Speaking of 1960s companion exits, whatever happened to Vicki, Sara Kingdom, Ben, Polly, & Victoria?
Became Cressida, died, went home, went home, got adopted by a 1970s family.
Yeah, I kinda knew most of that. I was hoping for more details.
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