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Re: Star Trek: Our Sacred Honor--A Tale Of Captain Ezri Dax up...

Star Trek: Aventine
Our Sacred Honor
Chapter 21

“A most fascinating hypothesis.”

L’Haan managed to suppress any emotions of irritation at the all-too-familiar voice. She turned to him, and simply replied, “Director Sorak.”

Sorak nodded, and took a seat of his own. “I find it most fascinating, L’Haan…that Miss Douglass would so soundly agree with my sentiment.”

L’Haan met his gaze. “You have overheard our conversation.”

“Yes…however, perhaps you yourself are entitles to a slight share of responsibility. After all—you did seem to choose this location for your conversation, as opposed to one of your own.”

“I see,” L’Haan replied evenly.

“I must admit, L’Haan,” Sorak went on, “That her line of reasoning is most intriguing. Were one an emotional being…one could easily find one’s self wishing that he had invoked such an argument.”

“You find it sound?”

“I find it intriguing. However…surely she is not the only one—‘stretching’, I believe is the term you invoked.”

“You find my concerns…unsound?”

“Not necessarily. I would assume, then, that you are reserving judgment until the final statements? Logically, one may anticipate that Captain Dax will make one of her own.”

“Director Sorak—”

“However, I am most curious as to what you would presume to deduce, that Miss Douglass had not. Need I remind you, of course, of her decided advantage in that area…?”

“Director Sorak,” L’Haan replied, once again summoning her disciplines to retain her control, “I previously requested that you not question my motivations.”

“I have not. I am simply inquiring as to what you would presume to have over your agent, regarding such matters.”

“Sorak…as brilliant as Agent Douglass admittedly is—nonetheless, she feels, and I do not.”

“I see. But—surely, an emotional compromise on her part would yield her desiring a conviction—for purposes of, as you said, removing competition. As it stands, I hold her reasoning for ‘indirect’ competition as sound.”

“Perhaps. Nonetheless, there is also the matter of conscience.”

Sorak paused, staring at L’Haan, his face unreadable.

“Surely, L’Haan,” he finally said, “If you felt her conscience were a potential liability, you would not have assigned her as you did.”

L’Haan said nothing.

“Unless…” Sorak’s gaze intensified, “You are coming to experience the same concerns I have—regarding her loyalties…?”

“Sorak,” L’Haan replied, “That will be enough.”

Sorak paused a moment longer, and nodded. “Of course.”

He turned to the screen, and added, “The statements are to be made quite soon. It would be appropriate for the two of us to view them, here.”

L’Haan nodded slowly. “Of course.”

* * *
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