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Re: 3 more TOS novels added to S&S catalog for 2013

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I would happy with that. Greg would be a great pick to write the next movie novelization. Alan Dean Foster's Star Trek novelization was lacking. It was pretty much the movie with no expansion of characters or new scenes except for Spock's birth and Kirk's uncle/step-father. I want more beyond what's in the the film. Vonda N. McIntyre did a good job with that in her novelizations.
As I'm sure Greg would tell you, that's not so much due to a difference in authors as to a difference in studio policies between then and now. Movie studios these days have become far more restrictive about their novelizations than they used to be. Authors used to be allowed to embellish, but these days many studios insist on absolute fidelity to the films. Not to mention that the extreme secrecy they impose means that authors are only given limited access to the script and aren't given time to do more than a straightforward adaptation. I know Foster was pegged for the ST '09 novelization very late in the game, and it's a testament to his ability and professionalism that he was even able to produce a readable work with so little time to do it in. I also know that his first draft had to be revised at the last moment to be more faithful to the film (though that's more because his first draft was from an earlier incarnation of the script). Given the intense secrecy Bad Robot maintains around its movies, I doubt Greg would be given any more freedom than Alan was.
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