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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Avarice, Ferengi are greedy buggers
B is for Buck Naked. How Ferengi prefer to keep their women.
C is for commerce, the Ferengi way of life.
D is for the all-mighty Dollar. In their case, gold-pressed latinum.
E is for Exploitation, which the Rules of Acquisition clearly state begins at home
F is for FCA, the Ferengi Commerce Authority, which regulates their businesses.
G is for Gint, and Grand Nagus, of which Gint was the first
H is for Hew-mon, the idiomatic way Ferengi refer to us.
I is for Idiot brother; Quark has one.
J is for Justification, which any good Ferengi had no need for to make profit.
K is for Klingons, who hate Ferengi
L is for Lobes. Big ones. Which all good Ferengi businessmen should have.
M is for Moogi, who despite being a female is still an important figure in a Ferengi's life.
N is for Nog, the only son of the first Grand Nagus of the new, more socially enlightened era of Ferengi history.
O is for Oomox
P is for Price, which you pay for dealing with Ferengi
Q is for Quark, perhaps the most well-known Ferengi in his entire civilization next to the Grand Nagus
R is for Rom, the current Grand Nagus
S is for Sisko, one of the few people who could keep Quark somewhat in line.
T is for Two-hundred eighty five. The number of Rules of Acquisition there are.
U is for Underwear. Which Enterprise's Ferengi episode had Trip walking around in for most of the episode
V is for Vulcan Love Slave, a Ferengi creation
W is for War, which is good for profit.
X is for X-Rated, which is what some of Quark's holoprograms were.
Y is for Yar, the sight of her in clothes sickens them.
Z is for Zek, the Grand Nagus of the Ferengi Alliance for somewhere around nine decades before his eventual retirement.
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