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Re: TP: Raise the Dawn by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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But would you return given how poorly treated he was? People jumped on him and said things that weren't even true. They made out like he just did something so very awful. It wasn't nice and would like to have DRG3 back, I cannot blame him for not being here.
Thing is, I just reread the RBOE review thread where he announced his departure (here and here), and I couldn't really find anything like what you describe. There were negative comments, sure, but you make it sound as if he was jumped by an angry mob and beaten into a bloody pulp.
He didn't do it because of that one thread. It was his opinion that the TrekLit board had in general becoming a more and more negative place over a long period of time.
I know that and even pointed that out recently in a thread here, but our friend JWolf here made it sound like DRG III was verbally "abused" for RBOE and that was the reason for his departure , where that was definitely not the case, so posts like the one above get on my nerves.
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