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It's just a shame that the show is on Disney XD, because I doubt people are willing to shell out the money to get that channel (then again, it's a basic channel on some cable/satellite packages) or go to iTunes to buy the show without actually watching it before hand.
Actually, after catching a missed episode via my cable provider's On Demand channels, I'm thinking I might prefer to watch the whole series that way from now on. I have to wait longer to get new episodes, but I can watch them properly letterboxed, commercial-free, and without those huge annoying animated graphics promoting the shows coming up next.
Disney XD's promo's during the episodes really turn the obnoxious factor to 11 don't they? When the onscreen graphic becomes so large that it's blocking major plot points from being seen, they've gone to far.
Yeah, it's even worse in HD, where it's a bit larger. Not sure why they couldn't use something smaller or just do line up bumpers during the commercials like Toonami does.
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