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Re: Batman - The 1940s Serials

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I like this idea of a period Batman. If I were doing a retro Batmobile I don't think you need to adapt an existing car. Maybe I'd start with something like a '48 or '49. Cadillac as a template and work from there. I could envision something of a bat like symbol incorporated into the front end and bat fins integrated into the rear fenders without getting too outlandish.
The comics Batmobiles of the '40s were usually just ordinary cars with a bat-head symbol on the front and a vertical batwing fin on the roof/rear. This is a typical example.

I don't think you could do Lucius Fox in the '40s except as technical guy. Certainly not as someone running Wayne Enterprises.
Lucius Fox didn't exist in the comics until 1979, and his role as Batman's tech guy is unique to the Nolan films (although the comics in recent years have given Lucius a similar role).

I'd continue to ignore Robin.
Actually I think Robin probably makes more sense in a period context than he does today, because laws and attitudes about child labor were a lot more lax. Although he'd probably make more sense as a lookout, helper, equipment manager (a "batboy," so to speak), and the like than someone who's in there participating directly in the fistfights and shootouts.

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I wouldn't mind seeing a version of Batman Beyond that's a continuation of the Adam West series. I'm sure West would jump at the opportunity.
They did that on Kim Possible, in the episode "The Fearless Ferret." (Riffing on the fact that Will Friedle, the voice of Ron Stoppable, was also the voice of Terry McGinnis.)
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