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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

I just bought that five pack, too. Definitely a good deal. What really impresses me about Memento -- and you should re-watch it to see if you agree -- is that it's a puzzle film that holds up, even after you've figured out the puzzle.

100. Observe and Report (D-)

Observe and Report -- At one point a character in the movie says, "I thought this was going to be funny, but actually, it's kind of sad," which is a rather good summation of my reaction. Seth Rogen's main character is irredeemable from beginning to end; I've heard him compared to Travis Bickle, but this film displays none of the intelligence of Taxi Driver, which at first engenders sympathy for Travis, only to slowly roll out how absolutely crazy he is. This wouldn't sink the movie if there were any consequences, but besides briefly losing his job after (a) assaulting mall employees, (b) rather brutally assaulting minors in the mall parking lot, (c) failing to prevent his best friend and co-worker from repeatedly stealing, (d) doing hard drugs on mall property, (e) deliberately damaging mall property, and (f) breaking into the mall property after he's been asked to leave and assaulting dozens of police officers resisting arrest -- it's only the last thing that seems to get him fired -- the movie has no consequences.

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