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Re: Batman - The 1940s Serials

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The Batwave was the coolest thing to come out of The Batman cartoon from a few years back. Of course the imagery wasn't as iconic as the Batsignal, but it was a hell of a lot more practical.
Yeah, the Batwave was a nice update, and it disappointed me when they ditched it and brought back the silly old Batsignal.

Except it did bug me that his Batwave "phone" displayed a big blinking Batman logo on its screen. We saw instances where Bruce was in a public place when he got an alert. It should've been designed with some more discreet indicator, like a distinctive ringtone or a seemingly innocuous text message, something that wouldn't scream "Batman" to anyone who happened to be looking over Bruce's shoulder. Although of course I understand that cartoons are a visual medium, and that trumped plausibility in this case.
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