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Re: 2012/2013 Video Game releases anticipation thread

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I'm kinda surprised by how many mostly-Japanese gamers are here on TrekBBS. On another Western-franchise sci-fi forum I visit (BioWare Social Network) there's a lot of antipathy toward Japanese games. But I guess it's different, what with that being a site exclusively devoted to a Western game company. Heh. I just tend to get Star Trek fans and Mass Effect fans all jumbled in my head sometimes, so it still surprised me a little.
Actually, there's quite a few people open to Japanese games and anime on BSN, they just lay low because every thread that has anyone talk about a Mass Effect anime (in general) usually gets tons of flack by people who dislike anime for whatever reason. General scifi forums are more likely to have an even balance of Japanese and Western game players since they aren't so narrowly focused on one thing.

That said, I'm willing to give Japanese games a try, but like Western games, very few pique my interest, and the ones that do generally tend to not get released in the West and/or are not on platforms that I own (PSP mostly). It irritates me greatly that Japan (for whatever reason) ignores PC gaming (aside from indie visual novels), since it solves that whole "HD console development is too expensive" and "we might not get enough sales in the West" problem (plus it actually means games could get translations without a licensor).
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