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Re: Batman - The 1940s Serials

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A "fixed" image of the Batman using Photoshop.
I think 1989 was the first time we got some decent live-action bat ears. They never seemed to be able to get them right in the serials or the 60s series.
The problem has always been one of materiel. Fabric without any structure underneath simply isn't going to hold the right shape. Something like having cardboard or plastic within a dress shirt collar. Even so it will never really keep its shape like a more rubber like materiel or something like it.

But as period piece with some sci-fi elements you could have a good looking Batsuit and cowl even with a touch of retro design. Again Captain America's 1940's fighting suit isn't truly faithful to the comic's version, but it's unmistakably Captain America.

You'd also have to avoid Batman fighting just like another street fighter. It would add additional mystique to him if he was trained in diverse fighting skills that the average mobster or street crook would be totally unfamiliar with. It would also help seeing more of the Batman as detective to illustrate how much smarter he is in outthinking his opponents.

A retro Batmobile could be really cool. It could have unmistakable 1940's design cues yet I'd suggest not getting too outlandish like the '90's live-action films did.

As for the criminals and rogues gallery I like Nolan's approach best: make the villains distinctive in more psychological terms and with minimum of theatrical attire.

There are probably a number of ways you could do this and the trick would be to hit just the right note.
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