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Re: Batman - The 1940s Serials

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A "fixed" image of the Batman using Photoshop.
I think 1989 was the first time we got some decent live-action bat ears. They never seemed to be able to get them right in the serials or the 60s series.

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In a way it whets my appetite to see a retro Batman film.
I'd love to see that for the reasons Christopher mentioned and because it's something fresher than just another modern take on Batman.

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And I've been saying for years that the Batsignal is an obsolete notion; by now Commissioner Gordon should be doing something like sending Batman a tweet.
In the comics, the bad guys use an app that shows where Batman is. If someone sees him, they report his whereabouts and that info is available to all. I thought that was pretty funny.

Plus, think it would be fairly easy to put a small tracking device on the batmobile or even on Batman himself to find out where he goes. That's another problem right there.
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