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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

80. Memento (A)

The five-pack of Christopher Nolan Blu-rays that was just released was a particularly good deal for me; I had two of them on DVD (the Batman movies) and was planning a Blu-ray upgrade at some point (I was going to wait for the inevitable trilogy pack), and wanted to see the others -- the set even omits The Prestige, which I already have on Blu-ray. And $32.99 is a great price, when the same store recently had Memento solo for $19.99.

Anyway, this was Nolan's second film, but real debut to cinema audiences. Given Nolan's penchant for reusing actors, it's interesting how none of the principals here have popped up in subsequent films. I was tempted to watch this movie a second time before reviewing it, but decided not to. On first impression, it's a pretty impressive piece of plotting, which has been one of Nolan's stocks in trade. It's a bit cool, perhaps, but the protagonist can't sustain emotional reactions for long and the story is backwards, anyway.

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