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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

In many ways, I think Daniel Bryan is the contemporary Ric Flair and I'm pretty sure WWE has picked up on this too and have finally realised one of the many reasons as to why they should get behind him:

- Repetitive (and always over) one word signature utterance: "Wooo!!"/"YES!!"
- Use a famous classical piece of music as their entrance themes
- Seen as technical wrestling masters of their generation.
- Very over with the crowd either way, but really shine in the heel roles.
- Signature entrance attire: Flair's robes/Bryan's leather jackets and coats.
- Signature strike: Flair's chops/Bryan's Puro style kicks.
- Use a submission as a finisher: Flair's figure four leglock/Bryan's YES! lock.
- Distinguished minor league background before making it big: Flair in NWA territories/Bryan in ROH, PWG, FIP, etc.
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