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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Romulus, have you tried completely uninstalling STO, clearing your Internet Explorer cache, and then re-installing it? I've had corrupted files before that pass all the launcher checks, but cause the game to crash consistently when specific things are done.
Yup - done it 7 times + defragged the comp 3 times. Something about the auto-team aspect of the game just keeps messing with it.

I was actually able to access ALL my toons for the 1st two weeks of January. While playing Champions Online, one of the guys who was posting in the PVP chat suggested I shut off the "patch on demand" command found in the "Options" part in the log in window. It worked PERFECTLY and I had immediate access to ALL my characters. Then the mid-January patch/maintenance did something that prevented me from using them again, AND my non-fleeted toons as well.

It was so depressing to go from victory to a now total defeat. At least before I could make solo toons and do PVE, but now even that isn't an option. At least CO still works fine. I even was able to make a decent Klingon and Romulan on there. But it'd be nice to get back on STO, at the very least so I could copy my character bios.

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