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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

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IMO, Nemesis is absolutely the worst Trek movie. It's mere existence personally offends me.
This is how I feel about Insurrection.
I can kinda-sorta deal with it, like...once every 3 years? But I fast-forward (my VHS tape XD) through several scenes. Certainly understand why so many people absolutely loath it. It's a very weird Trek movie that effs so much up with regards to both the story's potential and established aspects of the characters, nevermind the fact the "aliens" looked exactly like humans which = lazy shit.

My personal hatred of Nemesis (which I will never purchase in any form) is mostly because of how it depicted the Romulans. Maybe if Nemesis didn't have Remans or cougar-chasing, I could lump it in with Insurrection in the bin of "horrendous guilty pleasures." Alas, it's got both, and they make my heart and eyes bleed any time I see parts of it...which is basically only on RLM's review(s.) As much as some people despise NuTrek (I don't,) at least Abrams made Romulans the primary adversary AND deadly, not chumps who get bossed around by oogly-boogly slaves and a disintegrating human clone.

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