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Blish is an interesting guy from what I have read on the internet. It was cool to find out that he wrote the first original adult Trek book, Spock Must Die! I am curious to know what you guys think of this book (as I may want to read it)? Any other Blish books I should look for? The plan is to go back to that book store next month and dig a bit deeper
Blish's only Trek books were the 12 volumes of episode adaptations and Spock Must Die! (Lawrence also adapted the two Harry Mudd episodes followed by an original story in Mudd's Angels aka Mudd's Enterprise, something Blish had planned to do before his death, but I wouldn't recommend it.) But Blish was a prolific and influential science fiction writer, so it's worth tracking down some of his non-Trek writings. (He's actually the guy who coined the term "gas giant.")
I read and re-read Blish's episode adaptations during the '70s, along with watching reruns, to enjoy Star Trek as often as possible. Spock Must Die! was also enjoyable, but a very different ST story that would have precluded a lot of other stories, had it been the basis of continuing Star Trek continuity.

Also, I remember being confused by the adaptation of "Tomorrow Is Yesterday", when the Enterprise is thrown back to the 1960s (don't remember which volume it's in). In one scene, Kirk and Scotty mention the Vegan Tyranny. Since I didn't remember seeing that, I assumed it was a snippet that had been cut out of the episode by TV stations to make more commercial time (a practice some stations engaged in during the early rerun era). I later learned it was actually a reference Blish dropped in from his Cities in Flight novels. (I also recommend reading these four novels, though I enjoyed the middle two most. Avon published a paperback collection of all four novels in a single cover many years ago; I still see copies in used bookstores. SF classics.)
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