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Re: Urban outs the villain. Maybe.

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would it be a coincidence?

1- In the comic Spock uses the nerve pinch in Mitchell, he falls, loses some of the powers and Kirk shoots him with a phaser - In paparazzi photos, Spock tries to use the nerve pinch in Cumberbatch and fails.

2- In the comic Mitchell plays chess 3D with Kirk - in rumor Abrams was looking for a chess player to scene in the movie.

3- In the comic Mitchell's coffin is shot into space - Peter Weller talks about having a ship and being an executive.
One thing we can be damned sure of right now is that the movie will not be a sequel to any of the comic books. It would be suicide for the movie to be a direct continuation of a comic book which only a small fraction of the Target Audience has read.
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