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Re: Currently working through the missing episode audios...


It got better. The first few episodes suffered from the same curse that The Keys of Marinus and The Chase had, namely the story suffered from not being locked down to a single location. The Doctor mingles with less characters in this story than I've ever seen (Milo, Dom, Madeleine, that wounded pilot), and doesn't have any screen time with the pirates or the space patrol! It's very much a removed adventure for the Tardis crew. That said, the final episode is well handled, and good pacing as well. Not one of the best, but what I'd expect in Troughton's final season.

THE ICE WARRIORS (Eps 2 & 3 only)

When I first watched this story in 1998 I thought it was waaaay too long, and that was with two of it's episodes missing. Clent is too annoying to enjoy the story. At least 'Clent-clone' Robson from Fury managed to adapt and change throughout his story, Clent is just as annoying right the way through. Don't get me started on the whole computer-is-god storyline (but it was the sixties I guess).

Next, have got a long car journey coming up this weekend so will try and knock off a few on the way; probably the 100-percent-missing stories from season three.
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