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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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You don't enjoy scanning 5 things in space, ending with the one near the donut-shaped asteroid? They only reused that exact map 15-20 times, max

To be fair, sometimes they added a tint to space to change the color a little...
And then there's the ground equivalent: scan a rock, run to 4 more rocks, scanning each.
Your BOFFs are there, for some reason.

Though to be fair, those missions make for quick alt levelling.

On the other hand, they could've made mobs (i.e. those non-Borg encounter maps nobody really does) give decent EXP instead of this whole "QUESTS GIVE EXP AND ONLY QUESTS GIVE MEANINGFUL AMOUNTS OF EXP" stupid WoW-born fad.
In older MMOs, quests were less generic simply because they didn't have to churn out 20 times the same quest to provide enough avenues for EXP.
I miss walking up to a mob when I'm 32 TNL, quickly killing it and levelling up instead of having to do a long quest/mission for an overkill of 4500 EXPish.
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