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Re: Anyone else find Naomi Wildman annoying?

I liked Naomi she wasnt anywhere near as annoying as Wesley.

I think part of why Wesley was so annoying is because he was clearly a teenager, one who had grown up in a technologically advanced socioty so his intelligence wasnt that surprising, but from the way he was written and the adult characters treated him onscreen you would have thought he was some super smart CHILD prodigy.

The character was a teenager but was treated like a child.

Naomi on the other hand actually was a child, one that we saw born and grew up onscreen and whose behaviour always seemed to match her physical age (with the exception of that Flotter episode ugh), so she always seemed a more natural character and her inclusion in episodes/storylines also seemed more natural rather than contrived like she just happened to be there when something happened unlike Wesley 'gets to save the day and demonstrate how much smarter he is than any adult due to plot contrivance' Crusher.
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