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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

Take out the 5 Captains who may or may not all turn up for all 3 days, and you've got an event that wouldn't even rate as "poor" considering the ticket prices.

Does Joiner even know this is the 25th anniversary of TNG?

Joiner likes to think and act like he's the biggest fish in the pool. We all know he's nothing more than a very small bit of fish crap floating around in the water, but he could at least try and live up to his own propaganda. Where's the TNG cast reunion, Joiner? Show us all you're the big man you're so desperate to have everyone believe you are.

And if anyone wants some more evidence that Shamasters announces guests without a contract, or in this case, even asking them, have a look at Laura Vandervoort's twitter feed where she's had to take it upon herself to cancel her "appearance" at Joiner's Entertainment Media Show in October because she wasn't asked, knew bugger all about it, and will be busy with a private engagement. CLASSIC!!!!

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