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Re: Mass Effect 3

I kinda felt like Control would work too, if they play their cards just right, really. Shepard as the new Catalyst is clearly already feeling a distanced relationship toward the mere mortals they knew in life, and over time the Reaper fleet under his/her command could venture far, far away in order to allow the races a kind of breathing room from an evolutionary standpoint.

I don't know, it sounds hokey, but I envisioned it the other day and it sort of worked in my head. If there's an ME4-ME6 trilogy in the future (absolutely no guarantees, of course) it'd be sort of neat if the new protagonist had to go seek out the Catalyst, and they get either Meer or Hale or both (synced up like they are when the Catalyst speaks at the end of ME3, layered on in the background, except this time there's no child VA) and the protagonist has this really bizarre conversation with the franchise's former hero in their new form.

Like I said, it'd be tough, but I could see it.

Destroy's far more likely, though, I'd say, especially with the poll results I've been seeing on preferred endings.
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