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Re: 50TH Anniversary rumor

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If we could only have one Doctor return for a 50th Anniversary, I think I would pick the 8th.
Thats the silly thing though. Whilst it would be great to have Paul on TV as the Doctor again, it would be celebrating the show with an actor who spent 80 minutes in the role (on screen)

MacLeod wrote: View Post
I'm also expecting BBC Three to do something as well in the weeks leading up to and/or the weekend of the 50th Anniversary. Maybe showing a serial/episode from each of the other Doctor's. As well as some sort of documentary on the show to be commisioned. With a theme night maybe on BBC Two.
There's a list on another site somewhere of things they are considering, a one off Confidential for 3, a Science of Doctor Who for 4 and a prom.

The first Director Waris Hussien has also said Mark Gattis might be writting a Road to Doctor Who style drama.

Oh and I heard another rumour I'd be killed for repeating...

It could be an interesting year.
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