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Re: Urban outs the villain. Maybe.

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Yes, absolutely, the internet has made it possible for everything to be spoiled in advance, they don't want that, and many of us fans don't want that.
But some do want that. By them not offering that choice they are potentially disheartening a portion of the fan base. No one has their arm twisted to view spoilers, they are avoidable if one so chooses. Either way, the importunity for all to choose for themselves should be considered. IMO

I want to see the trailers, when they determine the proper time to see them. I don't want to know the entire plot a year in advance, and feel like I've already watched the movie before when I show up in the theatre to see it.
That's fine. These are your choices to make. However, again, the way Abrams does things causes a portion of the fan base to be denied the opportunity to choose for themselves.

Another thing, with Plot twists, people will complain about how predictable the plot twists were, of course they're predictable, if you have a full year in advance knowing the entire plot.
Agreed, absolutely some will. And surely not just 'plot twists'. Every aspect of revealed information will be fair game for the Microscope Crew to examine and express their opinions of for better or worse. It would then become the individual burden to read those opinions or not.

It's interesting, though, how often people who claim desire to remain spoiler free are so often found browsing and posting in this forum, in threads which the very titles warn of spoiler potential inside.
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