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Re: Batman - The 1940s Serials

^Come to think of it, it's probably better to watch them spaced out like that than all at once. Then it's not quite so obvious how repetitive they are.

Ohh, that '43 serial. (Shakes head) So very, very racist. Don't forget that intro in the beginning talking about how the American government had "wisely" interned innocent Japanese-Americans in concentration camps because you can't trust them funny-lookin' furriners. And J. Carroll Naish giving the "Japanese" prince/doctor (with a first name that isn't even phonetically possible in Japanese) an accent that's more like a cross between a Brooklyn gangster and a Chinese dialect I heard once.

And of course Batman had to be a government agent, since everyone in wartime movies had to be a direct supporter of the war effort, and being an extralegal vigilante would've been too subversive.

The '49 serial is better and less offensive -- I quite like its music by Mischa Bakaleinikoff, which was also used in the Superman serials -- but it's somehow less memorable.
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