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Which would have more people upset? Warp Drive fast enough to get them outside the Galaxy in such a short period of time (As in TOS)...
Such two-dimensional thinking... Do you believe the galaxy is spherical, or a flat spiral? In which direction is it stated that the Enterprise was traveling? Is the barrier only around the edge? Or the entire galaxy - above, below and around? Think about it.
Besides, if it were across the top or bottom of the galaxy, it wouldn't appear as a horizontal band, would it?
It could, scientifically speaking. I was curious about the band myself while growing up watching the episodes. I haven't seen the upgraded episodes. What is it like there? In any case, if the distance is further to the edge of the galactic equator than it is perpendicularly "up" or "down" and out, then it could appear to be a band because you are looking through a thicker haze in that direction. Also, if the barrier were not omnidirectional, and there was clear space above and below the band, why the hell would someone choose to fly their ship through that instead of going above or below? By evidence of action, it was still not truly a band.
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