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Re: Fallen Star - Episode 1 (it's not Star Trek, but it's close)

Hi there.

I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but we are in need of some volunteers to provide some voice work for the next episode of Fallen Star. Normally, we do all voice-related stuff ourselves, but for this one particular scene we require an abundance of American accents and it's rather beyond our little group to provide them. I gather a majority of the TrekBBS users are from the US (?).

If you'd like to provide your voice for a few short lines (it's mostly radio comm chatter aboard a ship during an attack, status reports, barking orders back and forth, that sort of thing), please reply here or by private message.

You'll need a reasonable quality microphone, a reasonably quiet room and either be American or have a far better faked accent than mine. We don't need anything terribly professional but we'd like it to sound pretty good. Any age or gender. We'll probably need about four or five people.

If there's no interest, we'll just do it ourselves. But if you fancy it, you could have the honour (sorry, honor) of your name appearing in the credits! And, y'know, it might be fun.
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