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I prefer the (even creepier) Synthesis. There are a lot of arguments against it that I don't really have the energy to deflect, but in the end I just can't get enough of the EDI monologue.
I don't like EDI's monologue that much. "I am alive." Yes, I know EDI is alive, she told me so back in London. The monologue seems to claim that undergoing synthesis caused her to become alive and give her to ability to understand organics, but she already had those qualities before, so what the fuck did she gain from synthesis? Nothing. So why is she doing the narration? Because it was a cheap, cynical attempt to create a feel-good ending for Casey Hudson's (alleged) favoured ending after it was mercilessly, and rightfully, criticised by fans who put more than 11 seconds of thought into the concept.

It had some cool music though, very reminiscent of Uncharted Worlds.
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