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James Blish

I was on vacation in Cape Cod this past week and happened to visit a used book store there. They had a decent sized stock of Trek books in the basement.

As the result of my hurried search (impatient girlfriend), I picked up Star Trek 10 by James Blish. I did not notice until I was home that the book is a novelised version of Six TOS episodes. I intend to read it, but I wonder how much it expands on the episodes themselves?

Blish is an interesting guy from what I have read on the internet. It was cool to find out that he wrote the first original adult Trek book, Spock Must Die! I am curious to know what you guys think of this book (as I may want to read it)? Any other Blish books I should look for? The plan is to go back to that book store next month and dig a bit deeper
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