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Re: Urban outs the villain. Maybe.

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...Since when was it our job to oversee production and determine what is "acceptable"? Is there an executive committee I don't know about?...
Yes. There is a fan/production committte meeting every other tuesday at noon at Kurtzman's house. We tried to keep it a secret from you, but as long as cat is out of the bag, you may as well come.

It's done as a luncheon in order to get people to show up -- but it's a pot-luck thing, so bring a covered plate. Ocri usually makes the taco dip (it's really good). J.J. springs for the beverages, but if you want more than pepsi or bottled water, then it's BYOB.

The production team is pretty good about listening to the input from the fans on the committee. Just last week a couple of fans successfully lobbied to convince J.J. to change the Enterprises' nacelle cap color to red-orange.
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