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Re: Urban outs the villain. Maybe.

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...We all know that JJ Abrams encourages red herrings in order to avoid cast and crew accidentally giving stuff away in interviews, so this may be the deal where Urban is concerned.
Yes. I'm convinced some producers put out intentional red herrings in order to protect against major spoilers. The idea being that with so many red herrings floating around, it would be impossible to know whether any particular plot rumor is true or not -- which is good for those of us who don't like to be spoiled, but still like to keep tabs on the production.

In the pre-internet past, movie studios didn't really need to worry about the proliferation of spoilers, because the production usually controlled ALL of the distribution of information regarding a film. For example, unless you read "Starlog" back in the 1980s , there would have been no real way for you to know much about a Star Trek film until you actually saw it in the theater. And almost all the inforation found in "Starlog" would have been controlled by the studio who submitted the press releases.

It would have been very hard to accidentally hear spoilers, which certainly is not the case today with so many people (even those marginally involved in a movie's production) being able to quickly disseminate information to the world. Spoilers have become almost inevitable. Red herrings are at least a way to marginalize potential spoilers; spoilers may still get out, but they may be lost in a sea of red herrings.
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