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Re: Urban outs the villain. Maybe.

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And ain't it wonderful? It's part of the fun!
No, it isn't. If they were making these films the way they are supposed to be made, we'd have plenty of official material to look over, from story points to concept art to production materials, carefully rolled out for public consumption and consideration. That's the way Trek did it for nearly 30 years, and that's the way it should be done now.

This cat-and-mouse BS is exactly that...BS. Tell us what you're doing, and how you expect to do it. Then we can examine what you offer and make our own decisions as to whether or not it is acceptable.
Something amuses you? The Trek department at Paramount used to be able to get us a movie every 12-18 months on schedule and with good communication/feedback between studio and fans.

That was a far superior situation to getting 1 move every what? 3-4 years with "super-duper-secret-squirrel" level cloak and dagger nonsense about even the smallest production details?

How does that reflect good-faith communication with the fans on the part of the studio?
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