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Re: STO: TrekBBS Armada and House of TrekBBS - Fleet discussion and FA

The "small group of friends who can play regularly" is one of the problems, though. Outside of a big 'event' weekend, I almost never see anyone else online. There's occasionally 1-2 others on with me, max. Really, only fleet interaction at this point for me is in this thread. My game play consists of pickup groups off of the EliteSTF channel.

If we DID have a small group of active players, it would be fun. Not convinced that we do. Think we've got enough people on the roster to be considered a decent fleet, which means it'll take a while to build things, but most are inactive, so are actually hurting us on numbers. (thought smaller fleets would have an easier time building things?).

Either way, would like to see what more people think, but tough even getting voices in this thread. Where's our new Fearless Leader?

See where it goes when Season 6 launches, but seriously considering taking my main toon Fleet shopping if it looks like we're not gonna be able to get off the ground. If Fleet Actions are going to be a bigger part of the game, would like to be in a fleet where there's another person logged in at the same time as me. I've got an alternate toon I'd leave in the fleet no matter what (and a KDF), but just feeling that we're pretty stagnant/dead at this point, which is sad for one of the larger, more organized, groups of Trek fans on the web.
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