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Occam's razor is a scientifical law
No, it's not. It's more of a statement of common sense.

And "scientifical?" really? that's not even a word.
Yes, it is. It's a probabilistic scientifical law.

And 'scientifical' is a word - despite your failed attempt to grab at irrelevant semantic straws.

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I ask you, what is the simplest explanation for where babies come form? An efficient and discrete avian based delivery system, or a series of complicated biochemical interactions based on billions of years of cellular evolution through an essentially random and chaotic process of natural selection? The stork idea is certainly simpler, but does invoking Occam's razor make it correct? Of course not.
Your 'avian delivery system' fails to coherently explain where babies come from - by a large margin (so, how do these birds get those children?). As such, it's not a viable explanation - not even close.
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