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I love the female lead in It Came From Beneath The Sea-- she comes across as exceptionally liberated for that era. I especially got a kick out of the ending, where it almost seemed to be implied that she was not going to settle for choosing, but was going to keep them both.
And she's played by Faith Domergue, who was also the leading lady in This Island Earth, another sci-fi classic.

But I think it undermined the "liberated woman" portrayal when, just after insisting she's eager to see this new specimen and can be useful in a crisis, she sees the octopus and screams hysterically. Although I guess maybe the point was to show that the creature was even more gigantic and horrifying than she'd imagined.
Well, it was still the 50s. Although I'd probably scream hysterically if attacked by a giant octopus, too.

You know, the problem with American monster movies as opposed to Japanese ones is that we don't always name our daikaiju. It feels awkward referring to it as just "the octopus." It should have its own name. I've heard it referred to as the Quintopus because the model only had five arms, but that doesn't work in-story.
I agree. I like it better when they have names. And not just generic names, like "Thing" or "Creature."
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