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Re: Typhon Pact: Raise the Dawn by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I think now is the time for every single person on TrekBBS who poo-pooed DRG3, insulted him, annoyed him, said bad things about his work and so forth to go find out the best way you can to get down on your knees and grovel in front of him so hopefully he will com back here. ALL OF YOU WERE WRONG! So suck it up, admit it, grovel and whatever you have to do to prove you were wrong and get DRG3 back here.

If only.... I'm afraid some will still have their complaints, either because of RBoE, or because of the events on RtD.
Sadly, the biggest reasons that three people voted poor was only because of the station itself. They won't judge on plot, not on dialogue, not on character development, not on any of the criteria you use to judge a book. They will only think "OMFG, he dared to do that?? This book is evil and MUST be voted poor, no matter how well written it was, it has a suckz!!!" and more intelligent comments like that.

Like DRGIII has stated on other media, he is fine with people not liking his work. So if he's fine, who am I to comment on people who don't like his work? And normally, I wouldn't. But I find it so unfair that these people refuse to judge by the criteria I noted above.

If people thought the book was poor because of any of those reasons, they have formed an opinion that (personally) makes sense.
But thinking DRGIII is evil because of what happened to Sisko, or the station, or Kira... I just hope people can see beyond that.
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