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Re: Urban outs the villain. Maybe.

My theory:

*The nuTrek creators (except for Abrams) are avid Trek fans (most of the series)
*They enjoy putting in "Easter eggs" and other homages (Tribbles, Admiral Archer's prize beagle in the first film)
*Cumberbatch's villain is A) wearing a Starfleet uniform and B) can withstand being hit by well the Vulcan nerve pinch.
*This movie's scale has been touted as being much more expansive than the previous movie.

So I take that info and interpret it to mean not Khan, not Gary Mitchell, but...

...Trelane 2.0.

He's wearing a Starfleet uniform because he's posing as a human being and wants to manipulate the crew of the Enterprise.

And Trelane wearing a Starfleet uniform would be a nice homage to Q's frequent donning of Starfleet uniforms.

I'm going with my theory until proven otherwise...
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