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Body of Lies and American Gangster were pretty good, IMO. I even liked A Good Year. That movie had some undeniable charm. And Russel Crowe was pretty damn awesome in all three of these. Robin Hood was crap, though.
Let's just face it, the stupid script is not Ridley's fault.
Feature filmmaking is the realm of the Director. He has final say on a script.

They also say a script is written three times. 1. By the writer. 2. On set. 3. In the editing room. Scott has control of 2 of 3 of those. (And a great deal of control over #1.)

It is absolutely his fault. It's not like he was some hired hand. It's HIS movie. HIS vision.
There is also one other element invovled in the process of making a film. The Studio itself.

Studios could set a release date for film, before even principal photography begins.

The studio might not approve any additional funds for reshooting scenes with new dialouge.

Some actors might have had experiance with directors who disapproved of ad-libbing as such refrain from it.

A studio can force a particular cut on the director.

What are the exact terms of the contracts etc..

It doesn't look as if Prometheus is a massive hit at the box-office but it looks like it's done enough to turn a small profit.
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