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Re: Star Trek Triton Updates

Thanks Barb! Here's one of the first updates;

When I first started thinking about doing a live action film rather than an animated one, I had to figure out how we were going to accomplish one of the biggest hurdles; the sets.

I loved the idea of having physical sets, but as I tried to start the planning stages it became pretty clear that at this point it would be just too expensive and logistically complicated to construct and store them. I wasn't fond of the idea of greenscreening digital sets, but after a few tests I've warmed up to it.

The challenge then was actually figuring out how to build the digital sets in cg so that they looked real. When we began pre-production on the short scene we're doing as a test run, I dug out my ready room design and got to work! This is the first set that's been constructed so far, with two others in various stages of progress.

It's not quite finalized yet, as we're going with a different design for the captains desktop terminal. We're in the process of building a physical prop of the unused design from Deep Space Nine rather than the Voyager one, and once that is done I'll conform the cg prop to it so we can switch out as needed.

You'll notice there's no chair in there either, and that's because it too will be a live action prop. Our plan is try and make anything the actors interact with a physical set piece, so that it will look that much more tactile and real.

The only things left to do after we finish those is a mock doorway rig, desk placeholder, and a digital corridor for outside the doors.

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