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Re: 2012/2013 Video Game releases anticipation thread

I feel that FFXIII is an extremely underrated game, but I do accept that XIII-2 wasn't to everybody's taste. I enjoyed the game, but found the story incredibly lacking and filled with light hearted moments that really took away from what was established in XIII, it reminded me a lot of FFX-2, which was essentially a farce manga masquerading as a Final Fantasy game.

Maybe this is where my desire for XIII-3 comes from, I want a game to conclude the story fully without giving into silliness like Chocolina, monster allies that can wear ridiculous outfits and big lipped aligator stuff like a casino that exists outside of time and forces you to play extremely boring games. XIII left a profound impact on me, just like any good FF game has done and I would like XIII-3 to return to this method of storytelling where characters, plot and setting is more important than writing stuff in for shout outs (DLC, The arena, etc) and merchandising opportunities (Mog, different outfits, etc).

I just cannot bare to play a Mass Effect game because I fear the hype and glowing critical receptions will give way to disappointment, particulary if I play Mass Effect 1. I don't like the idea of the game, but surely I have to play it in order to receive the maximum story benefits? Honestly, I've thought about just ignoring ME1 and starting with ME1.

I've ignored MGS2 and MGS3 because I just couldn't work with the camera system and the awkwardness in controlling Snake. MGS though, was one of my favourite games on the PSX and I'm slightly miffed as to why Konami didn't include it in the HD collection. I'm hoping Revengeance will take inspiration from other recent action/stealth games such as the Arkham games and Human Revolution, rather than just being Metal Devil Gear Cry.
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